Czech version/Česká verze

The project has been going great.

(It better be; it's already a major investment.) Our bid should win the contract. Oh, yes ... the documentation translation. Almost forgot. It sure helps that Joey always manages to get a great deal on the translations. (Why doesn't everybody use English? It would mean one less item at the end of a long list of expenses ...)

Do you know all the places where your document MIGHT be?

Perhaps halfway around the globe? What you may not know is that cut-rate prices come at a hefty price:

Does your bargain-basement-price contractor absolutely guarantee that your original file is not being translated by a freelance sub-contractor you know nothing about?

Does your contractor (or all the sub-contractors down the multilevel marketing network line) guarantee the security of your document?

Are you sure your proprietory information is not stored at an end-of-the-food-chain translator's PC? How many switches, routers, gophers, hard drives or even floppy drives has your documentation been through? DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Would you be shocked to find it on your competitor's Home Page?

Well, maybe not there, but ... How much could your information be worth? How many dollars a page? "Do I hear $6 ... $20? ... $40? ..."

At Keenan, Sadlon & Lord, Inc. ...

... we absolutely guarantee the confidentiality and security of your documents. Your files are stored on our computer and are seen only by the in-house translator. They are fully encrypted (16 rounds of DES randomization), and after the translation is completed they are deleted according to the DOD standard.

Since we specialize, unlike our larger competitors (translating houses), we perform all translations in-house. As we do all of the work ourselves we're not pressured to seek "cheap" subcontractors. We refuse to compromise security, quality and consistency.

Integrity is our way of doing business.

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Czech version/Česká verze